1. Space Team (The Starkiller Remix)

  2. Reckoner (The Starkiller's Homesick Extraterrestrial Disco Reconnaissance Mix)

  3. Down By The River (The Starkiller's Never Get Out Of The Boat Balearic AOR Yacht Rock Remix)

  4. Chugging Along The Nile

  5. Big Love (The Starkiller's Buckingham Palace Remix)

  6. From Me To You (The Starkiller Remix)

  7. L'Amour et la Violence (The Starkiller's Ultriaviolent Destruction)

  8. Take On Me (The Starkiller's Rum & Coke Aha-Erlebnis)

  9. Love is the Drug (The Starkiller's Intravenous Disco Re-drip)

  10. Here Come Ol' Flat Top

  11. Loser (The Starkiller Edit)

  12. Pagan Baby (The Starkiller's Pagan Ritual Rework)

  13. Life's What You Make It (The Starkiller's Space Remix)

  14. Rhiannon (The Starkiller's Second Hand Disco Remix)

  15. Edge of Seventeen (The Starkiller's Seventeen Lightyears Remix)

  16. Missing (The Starkiller Remix)

  17. Diamonds on the Souls of her Shoes (The Starkiller Edit)

  18. Little Fluffy Contrails

  19. Rip It Up (The Starkiller Edit)

  20. Sure Know Something (The Starkiller's French Kiss Disco Edit)

  21. It's All Gone (The Starkiller's Extended Yacht Party Rework)

  22. Hotstepper (The Starkiller's Intergalactic Rudeboy Disco Shuffle)

  23. Driver's Seat (The Starkiller's Night Drive Edit)

  24. Emerald Eyes (The Starkiller Beach Gorilla Edit)

  25. I Am Spartacus
    Harrison Fjord

  26. Back II Life (The Starkiller's After The Flood Remix)

  27. I'm Gonna Make Her Love Me (The Starkiller's Duelling Cowbells Re-Deliverance)

  28. Ghetto Disco (The Starkiller's Eazy E-dit)

  29. Love Song (The Starkiller's Extended Retouch)

  30. Jive Talkin' (The Starkiller 'Verb Talkin' Edit)

  31. Immigrant Song (The Starkiller's Howling Banshee Edit)

  32. Something About Regulators


The Starkiller Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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